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A new home

You can now find Victoria Livingston Photography on a new website!  I just relocated right over here, and the blog has moved over there as well.  So, if you’re looking for new blog updates, just check out the blog link in the header.  The new website has a lot more information about VLP, so check it out and let me know if you have questions that aren’t answered.  I’m excited to be in a place where I can have my own website, and I very much look forward to seeing everyone over there!


Coming soon…

Great things are afoot at Victoria Livingston Photography!  A website is being developed, business cards are in the making, and I have a wonderful advertising opportunity coming up.  Stay tuned for more details!

Nicholas & Emery, 3 years old

These two cuties are turning 3 at the beginning of October, so we went out to Ault Park to shoot some pictures in the open green area the park has, as well as the playground.  They don’t go anywhere these days without their pull toys “froggy” and “puppy,” so they tagged along and make an appearance in a few pictures.  Nicholas and Emery were born at only 31 weeks, so I really wanted to showcase how far these two have come in three years.  It was a joy to photograph them.

Jacqueline and the Story Tree

To get the feel for a new camera lens, Jacqueline and I went out to try it out.  I’d been wanting to do a shoot with a bunch of books; I thought this was a great opportunity for a more experimental shoot.  We lugged all of our big books out to a small greenspace between Madison and Erie roads and scattered the books into the branches of one of the trees.  The pictures ended up with a fairytale-esque quality to them, which I absolutely love.

Neka, 3 months old

This was my first opportunity to photograph a 3 month old, and it was a learning experience.  We were taking the pictures pre-nap, instead of the more desired post-nap, so she was a little fussy in-between shots, but she really enjoyed being outside.  Another tricky part, as opposed to 6 month olds who can sit upright on their own, like Gus in the Harper & Gus pictures, 3 month olds are in an awkward in-between stage where they aren’t completely sedentary like newborns but don’t have the capabilities of older babies.  However, I enjoyed the shoot and its challenges; I love being able to expand the ages I’ve worked with.  These pictures were taken in the family’s gorgeous backyard.

Free Time at a Wedding

On August 13th, two very good friends from college took their marriage vows.  Jacqueline and I traveled down to Maryville, TN, to celebrate with them and perform our bridal party duties.  Of course, I couldn’t help but take a few pictures before the wedding started.  I only got a few shots because I was in the wedding, but they’re still worth sharing.

Eden Park Shoot

One of the best things about doing a photo shoot is all the amazing places you get to see.  We decided to head over to Eden Park to do the pictures, and we set out early in the morning to avoid the heat wave.  I’ve been to Eden Park a lot because the art museum is there, but it’s amazing the places you’ll wander to when you’re in search of a different background.  We all had a blast exploring and taking advantage of the cool surroundings.

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