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Free Time at a Wedding

On August 13th, two very good friends from college took their marriage vows.  Jacqueline and I traveled down to Maryville, TN, to celebrate with them and perform our bridal party duties.  Of course, I couldn’t help but take a few pictures before the wedding started.  I only got a few shots because I was in the wedding, but they’re still worth sharing.


Jon & Zach, Post-Wedding Shoot

Jon and Zach got married in June, and after shooting their wedding reception, I couldn’t wait to do a photo shoot with them.  They came up to visit Cincinnati this past weekend, so we all went out to take some pictures.  We headed to Ault Park early in the morning to avoid the heat, and there was already a wedding getting underway at the pavilion.  It was a great Saturday for love in Ault Park.

Jon & Zach, Wedding Reception

Last weekend was phenomenal, as I was able to photograph the wedding reception for two of my greatest friends.  Jon and Zach held their wedding ceremony in at the Swann House in Washington, D.C. on June 11th, and had their reception at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Johnson City, Tennessee the following weekend to celebrate with all their loved ones.  Their reception was beautiful, filled with love, and I can’t wait to do a couple’s photo shoot with them in the near future–keep your eye out!

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